Доплайн Yangan-Tau


It is one of the most famous resorts in the Urals. Glory came to it long time ago due to the phenomenon of Yangan-Tau mountain. In 1990s a small resort turned into a modern spa center, and until now it has been called a golden health resort of Bashkortostan.

The main specialization of resort is treatment of renal diseases, urinary tract, musculo-skeletal system, nervous system, respiratory system.

Treatment factors are steams, dry and hot thermal gases released from the bowels of the earth; mineral spring Kurgazak, pure mountain air. Unique natural factors of the resort have a very strong healing effect.

“Yangan-Tau” can accomodate up to 840 guests.

Accomodation: comfortablebuildings in single or double bed rooms and suites. A bronze bust of Salavat Yulaev is installed on the resort’s territory. (sculptor Nechaev T.P.).

Catering: 14-day menus (without duplication of dishes), main products come from a household farm.

Additional services: a ski slope with rope tow, snowcats, tennis and volleyball courts, billiards, bowling, swimming pool and sauna. Rafting on the Yuruzan River, hiking to the caves of the Ural Mountains, horseback riding are well organized here.

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