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UFA city tour

Ufa - a city on seven hills / Sightseeing bus tour (2 or 3 hours)


Ufa ... The history of the city is closely associated with the fortress on a high hill, where for centuries stood the real Kremlin, the walls of which is the residence of the governors, merchants and noble settlement, and the simple peasant Posada ... Many legends concealed wall Ufa fortress. Do you want to uncover its secrets and learn how looked the way of life of people with reinforced high walls?

This interesting excursion will help you to find answers for all questions, during which you will hear the wonderful story of the conversion of a wooden fortress in the modern city, you will learn about the mysterious "Ufa Prince", and no less mysterious city on seven hills ... The tour begins with the entrance to the city, then route: Friendship Monument, a street named after the October Revolution, Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Academy of Arts, Pushkin Street, Validi Street, Ufa Television center, the Salavat Yulaev Square, the building of the Congress Hall and located in front of it the fountain complex, the building of the Bashkir State University, the fitness center "Dinamo", Bashkir Drama Theater.

If you wish, you can visit one of the largest museums in the Second World War - Ufa Museum of Military Glory, see the post-Soviet religious buildings - the mosque Lala Tulpan and touching "Grieving Mother" ...

In the wake of military glory ... / Sightseeing bus tour (2 hours)


So do not become a hero-city, Ufa was a powerful rear in the sad years of the Second World War and became a place of evacuation of many factories and universities, which certainly influenced the further development of the city.

You will visit the National Museum of Military Glory, which is the link between past and future, the museum has all the prerequisites for the work on patriotic education of the younger generation.

The route starts from the Yakutov Park (the eternal flame), then route: October Avenue, May Day street, Victory Park, the Museum of Military Glory.

My Universities / bus tour (3 hours)


The education system in Bashkortostan Republic is one of the largest in Russian Federation in the number of educational institutions and students in them. The development of the education system is a priority of social policy. You will find interesting and useful tour of universities in the capital: the acquaintance with the programs and special education, receive information on admission to educational institutions, the purchase of textbooks. Bashkir universities participate in international conferences, symposia, seminars, educational and scientific programs. Regularly organized training of teachers of universities and researchers abroad, carried out joint research and publication.

Sports Highlights of the capital / Bus Tour (2 hours)


Sports in Bashkortostan are loved and our champions are known around the world. They run, jump, fly, climb, ride, swim, shoot faster, higher, farther, more accurately all. Our teams are acting in the elite division of the country - the Russian Super League - hockey "Salavat Yulaev" volleyball "Neftyanik of Bashkortostan", handball "Alice."

Bashkortostan residents are constant participants of the Summer and Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Of course, it is the result of a clear and coordinated work on the organization of Bashkortostan conditions for the development of sport.

The program of the tour: the largest stadium in the city of Ufa, including a complex of international importance "Biathlon". You will hear about the path from amateur sport to the Olympic Games, the masters of the sport and world records of Bashkir athletes.


Museum Tours:

  • 1. Aksakov House Museum
  • 2. Bashkir State Museum named after Nesterov
  • 3. Museum of Ethnography
  • 4. National Museum
  • 5. Ufa Planetarium
  • 6. Aviation Museum of Bashkortostan (Ufa airport)

* Tickets to the museums are paid in addition

* at your request - lunch at the oriental restaurant (Bashkir national cuisine)

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