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How to get: from the railway station Ufa by the suburban trains to the station Sanatornaya, the journey time is 40 minutes.

The bus of the sanatorium meets people at the station.

The sanatorium curing with climate and kumis. It is situated in a wide park with the adjacent grove on the bank of Diomariver.

It is estimated to accomodate up to 410 people. The conditions of dwelling: rooms for 1, 2, 3 people - "standart", "half-lux" and "lux".

The main profile is curing the gastric and intestinal diseases of the organs of breathing and the nervous system.

Catering: four times a day, dietetic, ordered meal, buffet.

Additional services: a pool with a cascade shower, a sauna, a training hall, a ski base, a boat station, an open tennis court, a billiard, a fito bar, a parking.

There is also an ethnographical museum opened for visitors, where the objects of household are collected as well as the national costumes of differentethnic groups of the republic.

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