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Mud cure climatic resort is located on the shores of the mountainlake Yaktykul. The sapropel is mined from the bottom of the lake. To its medicinal characteristics it is similar to muds of the Tambukan Lake near Petigorsk city. Magnificent view on the mirrorlike surface of water, mountains and forests are undoubtedly an additional factor that attracts tourists from many regions of Russia.

Specialization: treatment of urology,gynecopathy, diseases of nervous and musculoskeletal systems. It had been opened in 1958, but in 2004 was completely renovated.

The resort holds 210 guests.

Accomodation conditions: one, two and three bedroom comfortable standard suite and luxury suite rooms. Smorgashbord.

Catering: diet and ordered, days of national food are held. In summer all guests are drinking kumiss (fermented mare's milk) produced on the farm.

Additional services: health and fitness complex, juice bar, Finnish bath, cinema and concert hall, disco, boat station, beach, summer restaurant, bar, cafebar, billiards, barbershop, winter and summer fishing, parking.

Transfer service to the ski center "Metallurg-Magnitogorsk" and "Abzakovo" operates. Excursions to Magnitogorsk city, to water park "Vodopad Chudes", to the historical archaeological center "Arkaim" and the historical museum of regional studies in the village Askarovo, hiking on the mountain group are organized from here.

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