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Sanatorium Tanyp

It is one of the newest resorts of Bashkortostan. It was opened in 2005, though mineral springs which are the base of the sanatorium were famous long before. In XVIII the spring was named a "Holy spring" for its healing properties. By its chemical compositionmineral water of this sanatorium is identical to the famous springs of Czech Karlovy Vary and hydrogen-sulphidous springs of the first Sochi Mazesta.

Several buildings are united under one roof. The sanatorium has all the modern equipment. It became famous due the therapeutic factors and modest charm of northern nature.

It may accommodate up to 200 people; there are single and double rooms, "luxur suite" and "suite".

The sanatorium specializes in treatment for circulatory system and musculoskeletal system diseases, nervous disorder, endocrine and genito-urinary diseases, digestion disorders, respiratory organs and skin diseases.

You'll get four meals a day. Food is dietary. Smorgashbord.

The extended services: a gym, sports and dance halls, sweamingpool, a sporting equipment rental, a bar, discos, a library, animation programme, excursions, and a secured car park.

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