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Sanatorium Krasnousolsky

This is a health resort having no analogues in the world. This was a conclusion of Bashkir scientists. They took into consideration the rare combination of mineral waters, slit mud, good climate and modern medical equipment. It is surrounded by the mountains so it is protected from bad weather and strong winds. The surrounding hills are covered with thick forests.

The conditions of dwelling: one and two people suite, junior suite and standart rooms and cottages. The SPA can accommodate up to thousand people simultaneously.

Curing factors: the mineral springs - slightly radon chloride sodium and sulphate calcium drink waters as good as some well-known waters such as "Yessentuki", "Krainka"; for baths - like "Matsesta", slit curing mud.

The main profile: the curing of digestion system disorders, locomotorium disorders, nervous system, gynaecological and urology, skin and respiratory disorders.

Catering: European, Eastern and Bashkir cuisine, orders are possible, diet food.

Additional services: a pool, a banya, a solarium, a beach, snow tracktors, ski ways, a sport ground, a skating-rink, a bowling, a billiard, excursions, guarded parking.

In the system os the SPA centre "Samrau" and the centre of the plastic surgery "Estet" work. The SPA is included in the list of rehabilitation centres for the Russian cosmonauts.

The health resort won the name of best resort of Russia on the Russian competition of the health resorts numerous times; this is the unique case for this prestige competition.

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