Sanatorium Karagay

It is one of the best resorts in Bashkortostan located in a pine forest on the bank of a water reservoir at the mouth of a clean mountain river Ik. They say that grayling inhabits in the river.

Treatment factors: sapropel mud of the lake Kultubak; mineral water "Karagay" extracted from wells in the sanatorium; goat's milk.

The main specialization of the multidisciplinary resort: treatment of musculoskeletal, digestive, respiratory, nervous, gynecological and skin diseases.

Accomodation: accomodates up to 223 guests, single and double standard and suite rooms.

Catering: four daily meals, ordered meals, a healthy diet, buffet.

Additional services: gym, billiards room, beach, boats, catamarans, sauna, playground for children, table tennis. One can go rafting on the river Ik, cycling, fishing, walks in the woods for mushrooms and berries.

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