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Group program for travellers

Approximate program for groups of tourists to Russia (11 days) 3 days in Moscow, 3 days in St. Petersburg, 5 days in Ufa

Day 1 Flight to Moscow

From 1 to 3 days Hotel accommodation in Moscow (2 nights) including breakfast. 2 excursions to Moscow,visiting the city sightseeing.

Day 3 Transfer to the railway station, moving from Moscow to St. Petersburg by train "Express" 2330hrs 0830hrs.

From 4 to 6 days Meeting at the railway station, transfer, hotel accommodation in St. Petersburg (2 nights) including breakfast.

Sightseeing for 3 days, visiting the main attractions of the city.

Day 6 Late evening transfer to the airport, flight to Ufa (departure 0015hrs/ arrival 0455hrs).

Day 7 Arriving Ufa, meeting, transfer out of town for a hunting base (or in a chosen resort). Full board a day included.

From 7 to 10 day Relax on the selected program (4 days / 3 nights)

Day 10 Evening transfer to Ufa

From 10 to 11 days hotel accommodation in Ufa (1 night), including breakfast

Day 11 Excursion around Ufa. Transfer to the airport for flight Ufa-Moscow (departure from Ufa 1915hrs / arrived in Moscow 1925hrs). Departure from Moscow

Cost: 58,000 rubles for 1 person Includes: accommodation hotels 4*; meals and transport service according to the program; 5 excursions; train from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Additional charges: air tickets along the route (from 120,000 rubles / person), lunch, dinner.

Program starting: day, any version of the program at your request, provide any accommodation level in rooms of different categories, book and sale air/railway travel as the economy so as business class, issue invitations to foreign guests/visitors.

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