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Bashkir health resorts


Beautiful nature with many rivers, lakes and waterfalls, adding forests and the air enriched with oxygen - and here it is, Bashkiria! Local resorts are well-known throughout the country with good service, friendly staff and reasonable prices. And the best place to rest cannot be found. Calmness and peace - that is, perhaps, the two main words that characterize the rest in Bashkir sanatoriums.

In the Ural region of Bashkortostan is the famous all over the country resort "Krasnousolsk" with high mineral waters. It is no coincidence that the health resort was chosen by Russian cosmonauts. They have become regular customers here.

Resort "Assy" is extremely rich in mineral waters on its territory where there are 17 underground springs with medicinal recurring healing properties.

Resort "Jakty-Kul" is famous for mud supplies.


In the north-east is situated the world famous unique resort "Yangan-Tau", which became famous for the natural radon underground sources.

Introduced in the new 21st century resort "Tanyp" famous for outstanding properties of mineral water of a local saint source, healing the blind.

In Mechetlinsky District is just two large resorts: resort "Karagay” famous for mineral water " Nightingale spring" and Mechetlinsky resort for children, healing the respiratory system, asthma.

The leader in cardiology, of course, is the Ufa sanatorium " Zelenaya Roshcha”.

Resorts are shown to those who simply tired of the frantic pace of life. Spend restorative procedure means cheerfulness and optimism, infuse new strength into your body. The variety of Bashkiria resorts allows everyone to make an optimal choice.

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