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Travel, leisure, business travel and language schools:

  • - Group and individual tourist travel for relaxation and excursions;
  • - Visa arrangement;
  • - Excursions around Ufa and Republic of Bashkortostan;
  • - Hotel booking around the world;
  • - Full assistance in the organisation of conference trips, seminars and exhibitions;
  • - Ticket sales to all destinations with both domestic and international airlines;
  • - Choice of best travel route;
  • - Arrangement of VIP service in airports;
  • - Private jet orders;
  • - Train ticket sales.
  • - Assistance with guides and translators;
  • - Arrangement of medical insurance;
  • - Study abroad, summer language schools in Britain, USA, Ireland and Malta.

Transport services:


Medical tourism:

  • - Routine examinations, diagnostic treatment and rehabilitation in clinics in Germany, France, Switzerland, Israel, Japan, Singapore and China;
  • - Full assistance in the organisation of health trips, consultations, all neccesary medical documents, accommodation for both the patient and their companions;
  • - Treatment in the world's leading health resorts: in the Czech Republic, France, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy;
  • - Bashkir health resorts.

Company history:

  • 1992 - Creation of tourism department within the agency "IMACS". Organisation of tours from Ufa through Tashkent to Singapore, Pakistan and South Korea.
  • 1995 - The opening of international rail links from Ufa to Warsaw and Berlin. A new flight route is opened - to the Maldives from Ufa via Tashkent.
  • 1996 - The main partner in the Republic of Bashkortostan for Uzbekistan Airways. Uzbekistan Airways first ticket office opens in the region.
  • 1997 - Organisation of tours from Ufa to Thailand. Dopline named leading travel agency in Ufa for South East Asia.
  • 1999 - New role - study abroad: summer language schools in Malta and Great Britain.
  • 2000 - The company adopts the title Dopline and opens its travel agency and ticket office at 50-let Oktyabrya 20. Dopline obtains its license and certificates for sales and booking.


Since 2001 - the company possesses a modern, legal standing. Every year brings new achievements, discoveries and successes.

The world is on your doorstep!

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